B Series Cover Designs
AGDA Finalist – Print, 2020

A university brief that required students to choose and re-design two works of either non-fiction or fiction from a selected list of already published books. The two covers had to appear as part of a series, but remain unique to one another. The re-designs provide a fresh, bold and contemporary solution, which are sympathetic to each topic explored. The final designs feature a jacket, wrapped around a black linen hardcover.
A hardcover series was chosen due to the successes of both books when first released, providing a high-end alternative. Both narratives delve deeply into their explored topics, meaning readers may opt to re-read them, recommend them or gift them to others.

Collage was adopted to fuse and convey the varied topics within each book. Shared exploration of humanistic connections, relationships and perceptions is conveyed within the two hero images.